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Founder, Lubos Bartecko’s hockey experience is outstanding. Bartecko is a former professional Hockey player having multiple years in the game. Bartecko played more than 21 years professionally, spending 2 years in the Quebec Junior Hockey League, 7 years in the NHL, and 13 years in Europe.

As a Slovakian native, Lubos joined the Slovakian National Team on many occasions, including three Olympics and multiple World Championships. Bartecko achieved Gold with his team in the 2002 World Championship Games and served as the Captain in the 2009 World Championship Games.

In his time in the NHL, Bartecko played for the St. Louis Blues (winning the Presidents Trophy in the 1999-2000 season) and the Atlanta Thrashers. During his European Career, Bartecko was named Captain and assistant Captain on many occasions, as well as earning the title “Athlete of the Year” three separate times.

Coach Lubos looks forward to working with you to build mental and physical strength.


Matej is a visiting trainer from Total Hockey Management in Slovakia.  Matej has been working as a personal trainer for the past three years and specializes in functional patterns system.

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